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Implementing Directive 2012/25/EU of 9 October 2012

Commission Implementing Directive 2012/25/EU of 9 October 2012 laying down information procedures for the exchange, between Member States, of human organs intended for transplantation was adopted on 9 October 2012 by the European Commission to adopt, where organs are exchanged between Member States, detailed rules for the uniform implementation of Directive 2010/53/EU of 7 July 2010, regarding:

  • procedures for the transmission of information on organ and donor characterisation,
  • procedures for the transmission of the necessary information to ensure the traceability of organs,
  • procedures for ensuring the reporting of serious adverse events and reactions.

To ensure an interconnection between Member States (Article 8 of Implementing Directive 2012/25/EU), this website was developed by the European Commission and Eurotransplant services, in order to make available a list of competent authorities and delegated bodies designated by Member States. Therefore, contact details of authorities in charge are provided per country, for the three types of information required.

Member States and their relevant authorities have the sole responsibility to keep these contact details up to date.